Monday, January 21, 2013

[ GLEE ] Lea Michele and Dianna Agron ( hint spazzing the L chat gayness)

Lost Girl ( gayness spazzing Yuri hint )

Kenzi is straight, she's identified herself as straight, and she's always been portrayed as straight. That's not gonna change, and there's no reason it should, it would be silly at this point in the show's lifespan. I mean, we've all done our time fruitlessly chasing the hot gothy straight type, but I promise you sincerely that way madness lies.

There's no talk of Bo/Kenzi because, aside from Kenzi's aforementioned completely and totally unambiguous straightness, the sisterbuddy dynamic they already have would make it really weird for their relationship to turn sexual. It's even been played for laughs in the show at least once. The kind of friendship they have is rare and precious on tv in itself, and I would hate to see it get fumbled just because somebody couldn't resist trying to milk a bit of cheap titilation out of it. It's a bromance and that's all, and I don't read anything else out of it.

It's not that we don't "hope for more", or that we've "given up", or that we think it's a "threat" to a ship we prefer, but that it wouldn't make any sense for these characters, at all. It's not a competition to be won on Lesbian Hookup Points at the cost of what's already been established.

Ksenia Solo is kinda terrible at kissing girls also, foxy blue eyes notwithstanding.

Once upon a time ( spazzing The L chat ) gayness everywhere

Remma/Swan Queen, whatever you call them...

Probably won't happen but they're hot anyway and it seems like the next episode has some good interaction between them.

Swan Queen - gayness hint :

I loved the backstory, and Mr. Gold's ongoing ambiguity. The evil characters are evil indeed, but they show flickers of self-awareness, and have interestingly mitigating back stories. I can't wait to learn more about Regina's. 

LOVED the scene tonight when she informed Emma about her electoral victory...that little frisson between them, and her satisfaction that Emma was also on Gold's bad side. Must say that Lana P generates more of the Swan Queen heat than JMo, who reverts too often to deer in the headlights mode.

The great Jane Espenson wrote this episode. She's got a couple more upcoming, and is also a sometime producer. Let's hope she sticks around the show a long time.

Seriously, Swan Queen would be such a great twist if they have the guts to go that direction.

Also, is Emma in her underwear in this scene?

SNSD ( Girls' Generation ) spazzing the L chat

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Kristen Stewart with Girls ( Spazzing The L Chat )

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